Chute Gate Sponsorship

(Limited Availability)
Contribution Value of $300

All of the rodeo action takes place in the arena.  During certain events, contestants and livestock enter the arena through one of three arena chute gates.  As an active chute gate sponsor, your company's name and/or logo will be printed on a vinyl banner and placed on the sponsored chute gate.  During rodeo events, the announcer will announce the chute gate sponsor during each event when that chute gate is used. 

There are three additional chute gates not used during the running of events, BUT are highly visible and located DIRECTLY across the arena from the main grandstands.  As a banner chute sponsor, your company's name and/or logo will be printed on a vinyl banner and placed on the highly visible sponsored chute directly facing the audience in the grandstands.


  • Logo and/or name printed on a chute gate banner in the rodeo arena
  • Announcement of Chute Gate sponsorship during rodeo events
  • Flyer / coupon in all contestant, hospitality and entertainer gift bags
  • Two (2) standard Weekend Event Passes for Rodeo and weekend events
  • Sponsorship staus listed in official Rodeo Program

Use the "drop down" menu below to conveniently sponsor a chute gate. The Shopping Cart will appear on the right side of this page when an item has been added. After you have made your selections, use the Checkout link under the Shopping Cart to proceed to checkout. The number of available chute gates to be sponsored are listed at the bottom of this page.  Only six chutes are available to sponsor and sponsorships are handled on a first-paid basis.

For more information on chute sponsorship, please contact

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