Buckle Sponsorship

(Limited Availability)


Please contact INFO@HOTRODEO.ORG for other sponsorship opportunities.


All-Around Buckle Sponsorships: $350 per buckle
Other Buckle Sponsorships: $300 per buckle

Order a Buckle Sponsorship


  • Logo or name printed on the sponsorship banner placed in the rodeo arena*
  • Listing of sponsorship in the official 2018 Hot Rodeo Program (Event Buckle Sponsorship section)*
  • Announcement of your sponsorship by our rodeo announcers during the rodeo event(s) sponsored.
  • Two standard Weekend Event Passes for rodeo and weekend events
  • Buckle sponsors are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony on Sunday evening to present the event winner with the buckle.

*Printing Deadline: April 7, 2018

We also encourage buckle sponsors to add additional "purse" money, which we pay out to the contestants in a pooled arrangement, or "prize" money, which is paid to the event buckle winner.  Non-cash gifts can also be donated for event winners.

Please note that buckle sponsorships must be paid in full in order to be placed as that event buckle sponsor.

We are offering a special incentive for those wishing to sponsor an entire event (such as both Men’s and Women’s Chute Dogging buckles or both Team Roping buckles).  In addition to the “per-buckle” benefits listed above for a Standard Buckle Sponsor, each Event Buckle Sponsor will also have 2’x2’ banner placed along the arena in front of the spectator grand stands with the sponsor’s name/logo and the name of the event being sponsored.  Event Sponsorship is discounted to $275 per buckle. ($550 Event Buckle Sponsorship; or $825 Wild Drag Event Buckle Sponsorship.  Contact the Sponsorship Committee to arrange the discount and pay for the Event Buckle Sponsorship either by PayPal or other method of payment.)

Use the "drop down" menu below to select a buckle you would like to sponsor. The Shopping Cart will appear on the right side of this page when an item has been added. After you have made your selections, use the Checkout link under the Shopping Cart to proceed to checkout. The number of available buckles to be sponsored are listed at the bottom of this page.

The design of the trophy buckles for the 2018 Hot Rodeo will not be revealed until May 11th at Contestant Registration.

For more information regarding buckle sponsorship, please email Sponsorship@PSRodeo.org

Order a Buckle Sponsorship
Product Options
1All Around - Cowboy$350.001
2All Around - Cowgirl$350.000
3Bull Riding - Men$300.000
4Bull Riding - Women$300.001
5Steer Riding - Men$300.000
6Steer Riding - Women$300.001
7Chute Dogging - Men$300.001
8Chute Dogging - Women$300.000
9Barrel Racing - Men$300.000
10Barrel Racing - Women$300.000
11Pole Beinding - Men$300.000
12Pole Bending - Women$300.000
13Flag Race - Men$300.001
14Flag Race - Women$300.001
15Steer Decorating$300.002
16Goat Dressing$300.002
17Wild Drag Race$300.000
18Calf-Roping on Foot - Men$300.000
19Calf Roping on Foot - Women$300.001
20Mounted Breakaway Roping - Men$300.001
21Mounted Breakaway Roping - Women$300.001
22Team Roping$300.000
23Grand Marshal$300.001
24Hot Rodeo Rookie$300.001
25Outstanding Volunteer$300.000
26Community Goat Dressing$300.002
27Dance Champion$300.001
28Mr. Palm Springs Hot Rodeo$300.000
29Miss Palm Springs Hot Rodeo$300.000
30Ms Palm Springs Hot Rodeo$300.000
31MsTer Palm Springs Hot Rodeo$300.000
32Rodeo Director$300.001
33Assistant Directors$300.002