2016 Hot Rodeo Beneficiaries

White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue and Retirement, Inc. was established in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by Isabel Megli and her husband.  They carved the ranch out of five acres of undeveloped desert to create a nurturing habitat for the benefit of helping unwanted and abused horses.  The Megli’s acquired additional property that allows them to accommodate horses that are now ready for retirement for the rest of their lives.  White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue has become a fully operational facility in which over 400 horses have been rescued and rehabilitated for adoption or retirement. 

White Rock Ranch also introduces various groups of people to the fascinating culture of the horse through Horse Camp.  Isabel’s training in primary education, human resources, child development and healthcare have been instrumental in developing a Horse Camp program for youngsters that combines instruction in the care and rehabilitation of horses with sessions in horsemanship and basic skills needed to take on the responsibilities of horse ownership.

The mission of The Center is to enrich the lives of the LGBT community.  A thriving, community-based organization, The Center provides a safe and supportive environment for members to enjoy health, wellness, educational and social programs, where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.  The Center advances their mission through senior programming, a clinical counseling and internship program, a weekly food bank, extensive social and recreational offerings, a free community cyber center, a growing volunteer program and periodic special events in the community.

SANCTUARY Palm Springs

SANCTUARY Palm Springs is a 2,800 square-foot residence that will house six young LGBT teens, ages 18-21, as they transition from foster care to independence.  Co-founded by filmmakers and lifelong activists for equality, David Rothmiller and LD Thompson have been foster dads in Washington State and now in California.

SANCTUARY Palm Springs offers a wide range of educational and skill building programs by providing LGBT teens in Foster Care a family home environment as they prepare to leave Foster Care and transition into life as adults. SANCTUARY Palm Springs offers a place of safety and stability. Emphasis on education and the arts is our mission. Psychological and emotional support are provided by our caring and trained professionals.

Life after foster care is an ongoing concern for LGBT youths in long-term facilities. SANCTUARY Palm Springs works with our residents to prepare them for transitioning into adulthood with emphasis on educational opportunities by providing them a safe and supportive home.  They can enter their adult lives understanding the value of community and become part of a larger LGBT family.