Membership Meetings

June Board Of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

The June BOD Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9th at The Center.

When:  Thursday, June 9, 2016  6:00pm
Where:  The Center-Palm Springs LGBT Community Center – Room C
Address:  611 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste. 200 (Directions)

Agenda and Minutes

June Membership Meeting 

GPSC Monthly Membership Meeting

The June ANNUAL Membership Meeting & Election of Officers will be held on Thursday, June 16th at The Center.

When:  Thursday, June 16, 2016  7:00pm
Where:  The Center – Room B, Palm Springs LGBT Community Center  
611 S. Palm Canyon Drive (Directions)

Agenda and Minutes


submitted by Jeff R. – President

If you missed any of our recent membership meetings you might have missed some changes to our Board. Below is our current Board and contact info. Board meetings are scheduled once a month and are open to all members to attend.

GPSC EXECUTIVE BOARD gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@dra1464666582oB1464666582
President Jeff R. gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@tne1464666582diser1464666582P1464666582
VP Admin Ken S. gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@nim1464666582dA.PV1464666582
VP Rodeo Ops Sammy V. gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@oed1464666582oR.PV1464666582
Secretary Terry R. gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@yra1464666582terce1464666582S1464666582
Treasurer Gregg H. gro.o1464666582edoRS1464666582P@rer1464666582usaer1464666582T1464666582
2015-2016 Greater Palm Springs Rodeo Corporation Officers

2015/2016 GPSRC Officers L to R: Ken S-VP. Admin; Terry R-Secretary; Jeff R-President; Sammy V-VP. Rodeo Ops; Gregg H-Treasurer